Tobias Cremer Discusses Christianity and the Far Right on BBC Radio

On Monday 3rd December Religion & Diplomacy assistant editor Tobias Cremer discussed the uses of Christianity by the far right in Europe on the BBC Radio 4 programme Beyond Belief. Here’s the description of the programme from the BBC website:

For many years Europe has been seen as increasingly secular but earlier this year Bavaria passed a law requiring public buildings to display a “clearly visible” crucifix near the entrance, the President of Hungary has vowed to preserve the country’s Christian culture and large crosses are seen in demonstrations by far right populist movements.

Professor Robert Beckford discusses why some far right populist movements in Europe are using Christian symbols and wanting to defend Christian culture with Tobias Cremer, a Phd Student at the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge; Timothy Peace, Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow of the School of Social and Political sciences at the University of Glasgow and Jasjit Singh a Research Fellow in the School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science at the University of Leeds.